About Us

Who We Are

My Personal Electronics is a personal consumer electronics retailer focusing primarily on makers of superior performing solutions in their respective segments. In some instances the maker whose products we offer is producing virtually the only product of its type currently on the market. In other instances the maker whose products we offer has achieved a breakthrough in the market, either due to a lower price point in the product category represented than has previously ever been available, or in expanding the utility and flexibility of a product capability in comparison to other manufacturers of a similar product. In yet other instances the maker whose products we offer has achieved a high level of quality and utility previously unavailable in that market segment.

We strive to offer such products only after thorough testing in our labs as well as extensive field-testing before any new product design is offered for sale. We stand behind each and every product we sell, so you can rest assured that any product purchased from any My Personal Electronics-affiliated website has been proven to perform as promised. This is our guarantee to you of the unsurpassed performance of all products we offer on any of our affiliated websites.

Our Values


We value your trust in MPE to help find innovative solutions for the products you come to rely on. MPE will prioritize your point of view and continue to create products and experiences that reflect your needs.

We take responsibility

If there’s a problem, we’re there to help address it. We don’t just talk about our products – we listen too, and take to heart any concerns that are brought to our attention. Customer feedback is one of our primary sources of information, and we take it very seriously.



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